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No Need For Bushido as an e-book!

Which is better than no book at all: “Our premier Wowio book is up and ready for download! It contains the first 3 chapters of NNFB, a preface by Hirotomo, never before seen artwork, and a new NNFB remix! All … Continue reading

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Joseph Cornell Site

Joseph Cornell site. The chief curator video was a little creepy, but in a can’t look away sort of way. It’s flash and video and well done. (via Mr. Dan Kelly.

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How can this be legal?

Joke of the Day cell phone sign up is not funny at all. Stalkers! Start your engines! This just happened to me and it wasn’t funny. I saw an extra $10 on my cell bill and hit the ceiling. Fortunately, … Continue reading

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Portable media for the troops

“We work directly with members of the United States Military, corporations, and the general public to provide portable media to active troops in order to boost morale and keep our men and women in uniform culturally tuned-in. We gather, organize, … Continue reading

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Terrorist bag men of the GOP

“The 42-count grand jury indictment alleges Mr Siljander lied about lobbying senators on behalf of the Missouri-based Islamic American Relief Agency (IARA). “The indictment alleges the charity sent about $130,000 (£66,000) in 2003 and 2004 to accounts in Peshawar, Pakistan, … Continue reading

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Baby binding

Does this (video on right) seem wrong to anyone else? Via new dad supremo Mr. Dan Kelly.

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