Print anthology call for submissions: The Journal of Women on Comics (J WOC)

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The Journal of Women on Comics.

Guidelines and format for The Journal of Women On Comics (ISSN 1940-7637). These guidelines are subject to modification.

The first issue of the Journal of Women On Comics is a print compilation of women writing on comics online (or in print, if it’s not a copyright violation) or original, previously unpublished non-fiction up through December 31, 2007. If you’ve published or have an unpublished essay, interview, analysis, reviews, histories, original comics about women writing on comics, or whatever before 12/31/2007 and would like to submit it for J WOC’s consideration, please use one of the templates below. I’d prefer MS Word, but I know not everyone uses it. Please edit and proof your submission before you submit it, J WOC won’t do any editing or proofing, so it would be good if your submission was as close to perfect as possible when it gets here. Authors retain their copyright. J WOC has permission to use the material for the volume it’s published in.

The deadline for big inaugural issue is on or before February 29, 2008 and the material can be from whenever-12/31/2007 .

Thereafter I’ll publish whenever I have 60-70 or more pages of material.

My criteria is simple: I’ll publish anything by a woman identified woman about comics, graphic novels, the industry, culture, etc. that I like and won’t get me sued.

Download the template in MS Word or Rich Text Format or Plain Text. Don’t worry about how it looks, I’ll be formatting up a storm in the final document.

I look forward to your submission(s). Please email your edited, proofed and formatted document to editor AT j-woc DOT info Also feel free to contact me if you’d like more information or just to chat. I’m on Skype at ginger.mayerson.

I know print is a little retro, but I’d love to be able to hand out a phone book-size first issue of J WOC. I think it would be a great huge collection of great huge writing by women about comics.

And guys, just so you don’t feel completely left out, I’m doing a magazine called The Journal of Bloglandia, which is where your stuff could be published, if you are so inclined.

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