Gibson’s self-tuning guitar

“The Gibson Robot Guitar, a new limited edition first-run Les Paul, continues two great Gibson traditions: cutting-edge innovation and a limited edition first run that will surely go on to become a highly sought-after Gibson instrument.

“These limited edition Les Pauls, featuring Gibson’s amazing self-tuning robotic technology, launch globally on December 7, 2007, at select dealers, each of whom will have only 10 of these beautiful guitars. If previous limited run releases are any indication, they won’t have them for very long.

“Each limited edition, first run Gibson Robot Guitar will feature a dramatic Blue Silverburst nitrocellulose finish, created especially for this limited run. It will never be used on any other Gibson guitar. Also featured is a certificate of authenticity, a power adaptor for the system’s rechargeable lithium battery, and a limited edition first run case with silver tolex and a plush silver interior. Each Robot Guitar’s serial number will also be sequentially exact, beginning with “RG0001,” and continuing through the end of the limited run.”
Robot Guitar Joins Gibson’s Historic Lineup of Limited Editions, via an ad from

I’m not completely sure how to react to this. Part of being a musician is being able to stay in tune and tune your instrument. Like keyboard players, um, yeah, well there went that argument. I guess it’s progress and, considering what pianists get out of that instrument, guitarists will be able to do the same thing with a self-tuning guitar. I hope.

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  2. Seth A. says:

    It isn’t really that hard to tune one’s guitar, and if it is, there are little tuning gizmos that sell for 10-20 bucks that will do it for you. As far as on stage (not something I’m familiar with), isn’t that what roadies are for? Won’t somebody please think of the children (of roadies/stage technicians)? / church lady voice.

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