Bobby Brown Goes Down

“Again, here’s another instance of what tries to be a string of coarse gags. When you try to tie them all together they contradict each other though and it all becomes rather scurrilous nonsense instead. This song has the dubious honour of being one of Zappa’s biggest hits. Because of its lush melody, this song went on to become a #1 hit in Scandinavia. Teens apparently remained ignorant of its crass sadomasochistic content as they danced and romanced at the disco. Zappa would probably argue that the whole point of the exercise is to exploit the tension between sentimental musical hypocrisy, which promotes one false set of societal stereotypes, and this gross social reportage.”
StreetLaughter 37: Frank Zappa: Bobby Brown Goes Down, December 28, 2007

I bought this album on cassette, that’s how long ago this was. It and ELO were my car tapes for a couple of years. I remember pulling over to listen to the words of “Bobby Brown..” because I couldn’t quite believe what I was hearing. I was so young then. And it still shocks me that I paid money for albums on cassettes once. Anyway….

Here’s the best part:

The album versions are better than both of these clips, but what would I do without YouTube?

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