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So, if I post this now, I can leave you alone until 2008

Is your blogpost too cool to leave in cyberspace? Journal of Bloglandia Wouldn’t it be nice to have some of all this great writing in one place? A slightly smaller place than the internets? As in 8.5×11″ and fits in … Continue reading

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Our Mint on crack

(via) “James Monroe looks like some sort of Cro-Magnon man, Andrew Jackson looks bewildered, and John Quincy Adams looks like a child molester or ax murderer, possibly a combination of the two. Martin Van Buren is about the only one … Continue reading

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Bobby Brown Goes Down

“Again, here’s another instance of what tries to be a string of coarse gags. When you try to tie them all together they contradict each other though and it all becomes rather scurrilous nonsense instead. This song has the dubious … Continue reading

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The MTA doesn’t care

“But merchants in East L.A. said the sting of progress is even more painful here, an area that was struggling economically before the construction started. “‘The people are different, the businesses are different,’ said Rocki Esparza, owner of Manny’s El … Continue reading

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