I think this guy believes what he wrote

Oh well, someday there’ll be a cure:

“An informal poll of my US female friends revealed that they spend roughly $700 (£350) a month on what they consider standard obligatory beauty maintenance. That covers haircut, highlights, manicure, pedicure, waxing, tanning, make-up, facials, teeth whitening etc. They will spend a further $1,000 (£500) a month on physical conditioning such as military fitness, spinning sessions, vikram yoga, Pilates, deep-tissue sports massage, personal training etc. On top of that, add the occasional spa day, a week-long ‘bikini boot camp’ in Mexico at the start of every summer and seasonal splurges on personal shoppers and clothing. I’m not sure any of my British female friends spends £700 during an entire year on her appearance. American women see these costs as a simple and sensible investment in their future.”
American beauty? Having observed females on both sides of the Atlantic, our correspondent claims British women are unkempt and lazy about grooming. By Tad Safran, TimesOnline, December 11, 2007

I don’t know anyone who spends that much on grooming. Of course I live in reality, so I wouldn’t know anyone spending that much. I mean, how could you hold down a job, have a life, and do all that?

Best quote in the comments: “Well done, ladies! Evidently Tad has failed to detect and override the Boor Repellant that every British women keeps in her grooming kit. Perhaps it’s time to be charitable and share the secret with our American sisters.” Brava, Bella!

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