Interesting post on J Cornell

and collage or assemblage or whatever the hell you call it:

“However. Since then I have come across a million – yes, it seems like a million – artists who use a bird in a box as a launch-pad. It’s very tempting to use an ethereal night-sky in a collage (I’m as guilty as anyone), but much more difficult to make it your own. Of course Joseph Cornell doesn’t own the sky – in fact maybe Max Ernst (below), a more sweeping, exhaustive artist, beat him to it – but it is the challenge of any collage artist to make the methods and materials and images their own. It must speak to his great talent and ownership of imagery, for what I see way too often is that many artists haven’t bothered to do that.”
subjective vs. objective, Eva Lake, December 12, 2007

I like Cornell’s work, too bad this show isn’t somewhere I’m willing to drag my carcass to. Oh well. Seems like the retrospective isn’t traveling. Too bad for me.

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