Julia on Matthew Dowd

“After a whirlwind highly-qualified-contrition tour of the media, the man who credits himself with convincing Karl Rove to move all the way to the right because the center no longer exists has landed at ABC News. Predictably, he’s going to be providing us with his bipartisan view from the center.”
ABC’s “Man in the Middle” isn’t, Julia, FDL, December 9, 2007

Anyone who convince Karl Rove to do anything isn’t a) human or b) anywhere near the center. Did Michael Eisner go out into a swamp somewhere and sell his soul to the Republican devil? He sure has his minions do weird shit for them way too often.

Julia! at FDL! I’m so proud! She probably can’t remember who I am anymore. Oh well.

You readers are probably having a hard time remembering who I am, too, I’ve been pretty scare. Sorry, but I have good excuses:

The Journal of Women on Comcis – J WOC (ISSN1940-7637).

The Journal of Bloglandia – J Bloglandia (ISSN1940-7645).

And still promoting Chase and Other Stories, (ISBN 978-0-6151-6846-3) but most of the production work is done, now it’s just promo and admin.

And then sleeping and my 9-5 day job take up a little of my time…

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    Yeah, and I’ve been writing up a storm myself…

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