Excessive tree love in Glendale

“The report also said some of the trees were worth as much as $100,000. I’d like to go on the record as being in favor of trees, but if the Collards really have more than $1 million worth of trees, maybe they should declare their property a national forest and secede from Glendale entirely.

“And how about that team of geniuses who bloodlessly produced a $347,600 fee notice and blithely stuck it in the mail without a single person saying, ‘Hey, wait a minute. Isn’t this insane?'”
Out on a limb over trimming fiasco, by Steve Lopez, LA Times, November 28, 2007

The City Attorney dropped the $347,600 fines, but they might get fined around $10K. I think the tree trimmer should have insurance to pay that, he should know what he’s doing with the city before he starts trimming trees.

This happened to a friend of a friend in Arcadia with Oak trees. California is kind of nuts about trees. I can understand the arborists stopping developers from bulldozing acres of mature trees, but $347,600 for trimming a tree in your own yard at the Fire Department’s request is way over the edge.

Update 121307: A happy ending!

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