Has the LA Times absolutely nothing better to do?

“Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and television news reporter Mirthala Salinas have ended their romantic relationship, two sources familiar with the situation said Friday.

“Months after revelations about the affair damaged the mayor’s political standing and devastated Salinas’ broadcasting career, the two sources said the relationship disintegrated weeks ago.


“Villaraigosa and his wife, Corina Villaraigosa, separated in June, weeks before he confirmed that he was romantically involved with Salinas. From the moment it became public, the affair between the mayor and the rising media star had a largely harmful effect on both parties.


“A rising star in Spanish-language television news, Salinas read on the air the news of Villaraigosa’s marital breakup on June 8 without disclosing that she had been romantically involved with the mayor for several months.

“Salinas received a two-month suspension for her handling of the situation. At the end of that suspension, she was reassigned from her post as temporary anchor to a Telemundo bureau in Riverside County. Instead of returning to her job, she quit.


“Revelations about the affair damaged the mayor’s credibility in the eyes of some voters, particularly women, said Jaime Regalado, who heads the Edmund G. ‘Pat’ Brown Institute of Public Affairs at Cal State Los Angeles.


“The affair even raised questions about the mayor’s name. ‘Villaraigosa’ is a merger of his name, Antonio Villar, and his wife’s maiden name, Corina Raigosa. Although the mayor’s wife filed divorce papers in June, Villaraigosa said he would not change his name back.”
L.A. mayor, reporter end their affair, sources say. Villaraigosa’s political standing was affected, and his wife has filed for divorce. Salinas was suspended, then left her job at Telemundo, by David Zahniser, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer, November 23, 2007

Has the LA Times absolutely nothing better to do? On the other hand, I’m glad he’s not changing his name since I worked hard to learn how to pronounce it correctly.

Guys, Gavin, Bill, Antonio, all of you, please, just control yourselves until you’re out of office. You’ve worked so hard for this, you’re on the right side of history, you can make a better world for all of us if you just stay smart and take it home to your wife, okay? Please. You can do what you want when you retire, and frankly, I think should, but when you retire. Have a harem, I couldn’t care less, but not when you’re still in office. Men, don’t be ninnies. Thank you for your attention.

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