Elevating Homelessness

Now, here’s a novel solution:

KROB 2007 Winner

(Via BldgBlog: ” A project by Brendan O’Grady/nocturnal design lab, suggesting what an inhabited billboard mast might look like.” Also see this. Y’know, I’d take a shot at living in these if the price and place were right)

Sorry, sports fans, other than this image, I can’t find jack about “Brendan O’Grady/nocturnal design lab.” Anybody knows anything, I’d love to hear it. They’re keeping a very low Google profile.

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2 Responses to Elevating Homelessness

  1. As for more information on n:dl we are working on a new website as we speak. Also see Transmod here


    Another project we have recently completed.


    the other half of n:dl

  2. We are in the process of re-tooling our website. Check back in January after the
    Holidays for more information about Aeroform and other projects by nocturnal design Lab.

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