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Elevating Homelessness

Now, here’s a novel solution: KROB 2007 Winner (Via BldgBlog: ” A project by Brendan O’Grady/nocturnal design lab, suggesting what an inhabited billboard mast might look like.” Also see this. Y’know, I’d take a shot at living in these if … Continue reading

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The Big Rat hates working class people

“Lori Condinus already knows which way Tuesday night’s Anaheim City Council meeting will go, and it won’t be her way. But that doesn’t mean she won’t be there to lobby for a doomed housing project in Anaheim’s resort district. “‘We’ve … Continue reading

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Has the LA Times absolutely nothing better to do?

“Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and television news reporter Mirthala Salinas have ended their romantic relationship, two sources familiar with the situation said Friday. “Months after revelations about the affair damaged the mayor’s political standing and devastated Salinas’ broadcasting career, the two … Continue reading

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