“And They Cook, Too” in the Chronicle of Philanthropy

“When Ginger Mayerson heard that an earthquake measuring 7.6 on the Richter scale had hit Pakistan in October 2005, she immediately wanted to help.

“Ms. Mayerson, a writer and blogger who lives in Los Angeles, knew that aid workers from her favorite charity, Doctors Without Borders, would be at work in Pakistan, ministering to the wounded. But she says she was financially ‘tapped out’ after giving to Hurricane Katrina relief efforts.

“So Ms. Mayerson did what she could: She turned to fellow blog writers she admired — and, in many cases, didn’t know — and solicited recipes online for a cookbook that would benefit the medical-aid organization.

“Although Ms. Mayerson didn’t contribute any recipes herself — she says her culinary philosophy is ‘shake it out of the box and eat it’ — she spent hours compiling and editing the recipes that poured in from others. The self-published result, And They Cook, Too, which was published in March 2006, has sold a modest number of copies and raised just $400 for Doctors Without Borders, but Ms. Mayerson says the cookbook has been well worth the effort.

“‘I knew they could write, so when they wrote about food it was like literature,’ she says. ‘It’s a good cause, good food, and good writing — what could be better?’

“Despite its origins in cyberspace, Ms. Mayerson’s charity effort is part of a tradition that dates back to the Civil War, when women in Philadelphia and elsewhere sold a cookbook to benefit Union hospitals. The countless collections published since then have not only raised millions of dollars for charity, but also evoke the times and places in which they were compiled.”
A Recipe for Success, by Marty Michaels, Chronicle of Philanthropy, May 31, 2007 v19 i16 pNA ($ sorry)

Yay! But too bad she left out the part about Kathy Flake‘s and ~Tild‘s contribution to the book because I went on and on about how the book wouldn’t have happened without them (and it also wouldn’t have happened without everyone who contributed to it). And there are no links in this story. This was the only part about ATCT, the rest of the article goes into the history of charity cookbooks and other modern fundraiser cookbooks. But ATCT is the coolest. And it’s still making money for MSF, I’ll be sending off a rounded up to $20 check next week. Oh, and the gift-giving season is upon us, isn’t it?

And They Cook, Too. Yay!

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