Meet your governor…suddenly

“So I’m at work, right? And preparing a post on LiveJournal as I am want to do during business hours. I was editing a post for my writing journal when I sense someone sort of standing over me (across from my monitor).


“Governor: Hello young lady. I’d like to make your acquaintance. I’m Haley.

“NameWithheld: *looks up from fanfiction* Of course I know who you are, sir.

“Governor: *hand shake vise grip of Republican hand crushery*

“NameWithheld: *thinking* I write PORN with that hand! You have DISABLED me! Can I get a government check?

“Governor: I sure would appreciate your support in the upcoming ‘lection. *hands brochure*

“NameWithheld: Yes sir, I’m glad to help *thinking* I hope I just spouted something mildly appropriate. He really squeezed the fuck out of my hand. I’m not even a registered voter. Sadly I cannot register now because my voting hand has been rendered useless. Oh he is walking away. Back to dreamy land of fanfiction lalalalalalalala.

“Not it’s good to meet you sir, or thanks for stopping by or how good to see you, but “Of course I know who you are.” I REALLY suck with this whole people thing. Why didn’t I just tell him, do you mind? I’m on LiveJournal.


Sorry, I’m not linking back because I don’t want to get this person in trouble, but I thought this was fucking hysterical even though I cannot stand Haley Barbour.

I guarantee you, though, that if Governor Musclehead ever rolled up to my desk, he’d get a serious earful for his do-nothing bullshit reign in California. I am NOT one of the idiots who voted for him. And I certainly didn’t vote for a $10 Billion deficit, underfunded fire departments, and however many billions future generations will owe in bonds to fill the gap. Oh! Don’t get me started! GAh!

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