This is going to be even uglier than I thought

“Yet the Giuliani campaign springs back after every wound, like Rasputin. I admit, it’s making us nervous.”


”What’s more, voters I talked to didn’t particularly care that Romney has done some serious flip-flopping.

“‘”Don’t they all?” said Loraine Battey of Hudson, who is undecided. “They say what people want to hear.”

“‘”They all lie,” added Fred Taylor, a Hudson resident and Romney backer.

“And the moral is, people see what they want to see.”
Projections Mahablog, November 18, 2007

If this is the registered Republican attitude, we are in deep doo doo as a nation. Geeze, even I’m more upbeat than this. What’s wrong with these people? Forget your troubles, c’mon get happy! And think about Judy Garland’s legs! Etc. Eh, politics. Is it next November yet?

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