Tell it, Barbara!

“What this means is that even the very rich cannot escape into their own little bubble of purity and excellence, of ‘haute’ this and ‘haute’ that. Ride around in a limo and you still have to sit in traffic created by ordinary people who can’t afford to live near where they work. Fly in a private jet and you’re still dependent on archaic, underfinanced, systems of air traffic control. Travel first class on the Acela train and you still have to stare out at the rotting environs of Philadelphia and Newark. Oh, and you lobbied against higher taxes and regulations on business? Then think twice before you sink your teeth into that chocolate and gold dessert. The vermin are always with you.”
Roaches in the World’s Most Expensive Dessert, by Barbara Ehrenreich, November 19, 2007

Yeah, you rich anti-tax freaks, quit voting against the world you have to live in with the rest of us mortals.

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