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This is going to be even uglier than I thought

“Yet the Giuliani campaign springs back after every wound, like Rasputin. I admit, it’s making us nervous.” ~snip~ ”What’s more, voters I talked to didn’t particularly care that Romney has done some serious flip-flopping. “‘”Don’t they all?” said Loraine Battey … Continue reading

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My kind of movie review

“If you opt for the extra D version (or maybe 2 extra D’s, I’m really not sure how many D’s there usually are) be ready to sit with some hard core geeks. I saw geeks of all ages and genders … Continue reading

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Tell it, Barbara!

“What this means is that even the very rich cannot escape into their own little bubble of purity and excellence, of ‘haute’ this and ‘haute’ that. Ride around in a limo and you still have to sit in traffic created … Continue reading

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