Some thoughts on water torture, aka waterboarding

So these thoughts will be out here and not in my head anymore:

Waterboarding is torture.

How is this or any kind of torture acceptable to the country the United States likes to think it is?

Not unlike historical waterboarding:

And also:

“Illustration from A Popular History of the United States by William Cullen Bryant. New York, Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1896. One ‘foolproof’ way to establish whether a suspect was a witch was ducking. With right thumb bound to left toe, the accused was plunged into a convenient pond. If he or she floated, it proved an association with the black arts, with the body rejecting the baptismal water. If the victim drowned, he or she was innocent. A ducking stool or diving chair was also used in America for witches.”
Hawthorne in Salem

And, at the very end of this clip, some cinema waterboarding:

As I recall, the waterboarding at the end of this clip goes on longer, like forever, it was terrible to watch. But I was lucky, I couldn’t find the full clip, however, if anyone can point me to it, I will add it to my collection of torture horrors. Dig those tidy uniforms.

Thank you for your attention.

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