Paris as a theme park

“Super universities, of the kind Senator Zöllner is planning for Berlin, are not unique to America. They also exist in Paris’ Quartier Latin where scientists have been holed up since the Middle Ages. Huddled closely on the Left Bank are, among other things, the Sorbonne, the College de France, the Ecole Normale Superieure, the Ecole des Chartres and the Ecole des Mines. Three scientific institutions which make up the heart of the social and human sciences are under orders to up stakes in the Quartier Latin and move North. Paris, say the critics, will be brain-drained and turned over to business and tourism.”
Banished to the banlieues. Paris’ social sciences institutes have been ordered to move to the suburbs. To experience first-hand what they otherwise only talk about, by Wolf Lepenies, Die Welt, November 8, 2007

Last time I was in Paris in 1994, it really felt like being in a theme park. This was unlike when I was there in 1974 when it felt like being in a big city. So I guess kicking the academics off prime real estate was inevitable. Too bad.

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