Golf courses in the desert are unnatural

“‘Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa announced Monday that he would reactivate a program of “drought busters” to preach the message of water conservation.’

“‘Department of Water and Power employees will roam the nation’s second-largest city and issue friendly advice to residents they see wasting water.

“‘Excessive lawn watering and sidewalk spraying are expected to be top targets.'”
Water Watchers Coming, Working Californians, November 13, 2007

Water Watchers…feh. If there was a Water Wasters Whistleblower Squealer hotline, I’d use it all it the time. I lived through the last drought and got so sick of people cleaning their driveways and sidewalks with the hose instead of a broom. Okay okay okay, I’m a fanatic on the subject. And don’t get me started on golf courses in the desert. C’mon, Water Departments, just jack up the rates over a certain usage; you know that’s the only way to get people in LA to stop being stupid (about wasting water) and it’s always worked in the past. I’m so glad I’m not in charge, but if I were… Grrr. Cretins.

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