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I still want Medicare for anyone and everyone who wants it

But this would be a mighty fine start in the meantime: OneCareNow” “The OneCareNow Campaign supports Senate Bill 840(Kuehl) as the one healthcare reform proposal in California that will provide high quality healthcare for all while controlling costs. “We reject … Continue reading

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Golf courses in the desert are unnatural

“‘Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa announced Monday that he would reactivate a program of “drought busters” to preach the message of water conservation.’ “‘Department of Water and Power employees will roam the nation’s second-largest city and issue friendly advice to … Continue reading

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Paris as a theme park

“Super universities, of the kind Senator Zöllner is planning for Berlin, are not unique to America. They also exist in Paris’ Quartier Latin where scientists have been holed up since the Middle Ages. Huddled closely on the Left Bank are, … Continue reading

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