I don’t need to read H.P. Lovecraft

“The huge underwater mechanism will not only give us more ‘information about where [neutrinos have] originated, such as the outskirts of black holes,’ it will also register ‘waves of light’ given off by ‘free-swimming bioluminescent bacteria’ under intense benthic pressure at the bottom of the sea. Further, while peering into the outer dark, feeding currents of data into drone harddrives that think in slow algebras, unpeeling galaxial structure and calculating the future evolution of simulated stars, this machine amidst the shoals will also help solve ‘the mysteries of undersea storms.’ Living clouds of light swim past, colliding with particles as old as the universe – and the drowned antenna whirs on, detecting all of it.”
From Beyond, BLDGBLOG, November 1, 2007

I do like reading this blog. H.P. Lovecraft can wait.

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