This bs didn’t start with 9/11, it just got worse

“Ending a controversial 20-year campaign to expel immigrants because of their ties to alleged Palestinian terrorists, the federal government has agreed to drop attempts to deport the final two defendants in the L.A. 8 case.

“The Board of Immigration Appeals on Tuesday dismissed all charges against Khader M. Hamide and Michel I. Shehadeh, who had faced deportation proceedings since 1987, and approved a settlement submitted by the men’s lawyers and the Department of Homeland Security, according to documents made public Wednesday.”


“The government’s decision to throw in the towel came nine months after Bruce J. Einhorn, a federal immigration judge in Los Angeles, lambasted federal officials for violating the men’s rights. He accused the government of a ‘gross failure’ to comply with instructions to turn over to the men ‘potentially exculpatory and other relevant information.’

“In a blistering opinion, Einhorn said the government’s conduct in the case was ‘an embarrassment to the rule of law’ that left ‘a festering wound on’ Hamide and Shehadeh, who have been in legal and personal limbo for more than two decades.

“Initially, the government appealed Einhorn’s ruling. But negotiations soon started, leading to the settlement.

“Legal action began Jan. 26, 1987, when agents of the FBI and the immigration service took into custody the seven men and one woman, all Southern California residents, charging them with affiliation with a group that advocates ‘the doctrines of world communism,’ which was then a deportable offense under the McCarran-Walter Act of 1952.

“The other members of the group were Julie Mungai, the Kenyan wife of Khader Hamide; Bashar Amer; Aiad Barakat; Amjad Obeid; Ayman Obeid; and Naim Sharif. Early on, the government focused its efforts on Hamide and Shehadeh, the only members of the group with permanent resident status.”
Final two L.A. 8 defendants cleared. After 20 years, U.S. drops efforts to deport men accused of ties to Palestinian terrorists, by Henry Weinstein, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer, November 1, 2007

Rule of Law. Fuck the mink coat, can I please have Rule of Law for Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/Solstice/etc?

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