More on why California catches fire so often

“The Tracker, confident of his paradigms (i.e., brain in neutral), may have jumped too fast a few days ago in a post declaring ‘the verdict is in.’ It (I) asserted that excess vegetation, due to overzealous fire fighting in past decades, is a primary reason for Southern California’s windblown conflagrations. Several stories did suggest as much but they were hardly the only ones out there.

“This jury is still out and, as a closer look at media stories (prompted by a couple of emails) reveals: boy are the fire ecologists in disagreement. And not just a bipolar, but a multipolar argument is underway. But more important, a fair number of authorities say that when the Santa Ana blows hard and the chaparral brush land is dry, it’ll burn whether it’s three years or several decades old. In many places, 2007’s fires overlapped the huge burns of 2003.”
Hmmm…about that post on SoCal wildfires a few days ago…, by Charlie Petit on Environment Stories, KSJ Tracker (Hey, if you’re not reading the KSJ Tracker, well, at least you’re reading moi.)

Super duper link round-up on why the Golden State bursts into FLAMES so much. Scary pictures from NASA of the 2003 and 2007 fires, too. Eeek! Go read; it’s good for you.

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