Nothing against God, but Jacquie Sullivan is nuts

Is the wisdom of separating church and state that hard to understand? I wonder. I have nothing against God, I just don’t like other peoples’ ideas of God shoved down my throat. Thank you very much.

“BAKERSFIELD — Next time you see God in City Hall, you might have Jacquie Sullivan to thank — or blame, depending on your point of view.

“Five years ago, the Bakersfield City Council member lobbied hard to get ‘In God We Trust’ displayed over the city’s seal in the council’s meeting room.

“In the years since, she has persuaded 25 other California cities, from Kerman to Compton, to do the same, sometimes over strenuous protests from residents who see the mounting of the motto as a backdoor effort to foist a religious agenda on local governments.

“At 67, Sullivan is undaunted by people she describes as ‘wanting to remove God from everything.’ Through her nonprofit, In God We Trust — America, she aims to have the phrase prominently featured in all 478 of California’s city halls and every other city hall in America.

“That’s just the beginning.”
She wants a higher power at City Hall. Five years after getting Bakersfield to place ‘In God We Trust’ in its council chambers, activist takes her motto campaign national, by Steve Chawkins, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
October 28, 2007

Got top-notch crazies in California, don’t we? And Bakersfield? Are you nuts, too?

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