Anti-tax Republicans and hot places

“On Thursday Kirk Murphy wrote a compelling piece at Firedoglake, ‘Drown it in a Bathtub?’ – How Grover Norquist, the Club for Greed, and Arnold Let SoCal Burn, explaining how anti-tax sentiment in San Diego County left firefighters without adequate resources to respond to this week’s inferno.

“Unsurprisingly, this has happened elsewhere. As firefighters battle to save Silverado Canyon and prevent the Santiago Fire from reaching Riverside County homes, we are now learning that Orange County firefighters faced similar crippling shortages of equipment and personnel – shortages that prevented them from being able to quickly extinguish the Santiago blaze.

“Specifically, Orange County Republicans campaigned hard against Measure D, a 2005 ballot proposal that would have diverted $80 million in surplus public safety funds from Proposition 172 to help properly staff Orange County fire departments. The failure of Measure D leads directly to the OCFA’s inability to quickly contain the Santiago Fire when it broke out Sunday evening.”
How Anti-Union, Anti-Tax OC Conservatives Defeated Adequate Fire Protection in 2005, by Robert in Monterey, Calitics, October 28, 2007

Hmmmm. Although funding was probably the very last thing on those firefighters’ minds last week, it should be the first thing on everyone’s minds now.

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