You really ought to give Iowa a try

“S Brennan might be right when it comes down to an actual Republican nominee. But I’m down the road a ways from suburban Des Moines, and I can tell you (anecdotally, of course) HRC will a) not win the Iowa Caucus and b) will have a really hard time carrying the state if she gets the nomination anyway. And I’m in liberal enclave Iowa City. Lots of people are tired of seeing a Bush or a Clinton on the ticket.
Comment in “How Could Clinton Win? Nobody I Know Voted For Her.”, Nicholas Beaudrot, October 20, 2007 (via Brad Delong, I think)

Y’know, I’m one of them: I’m sick of the Clintons and the Bushes. I said that to someone recently and got a lecture on what a great president Bill was. Well, he was, but that doesn’t mean I want Hill in 08. Nor did I want Bush II in 2000, dear God, did I NOT want that. I think Bush, Clinton, bush, Clinton is going to look really bad on the records, like we ran out of talent and/or imagination in the 21st Century. (Have we? Sorry, bad question.)

Christ, this is the weirdest election in my memory and all thanks to the hellish mess the bush mafia has made of things. Are there no other worthy Dem women who want to be president?

But, oh well, I’ll vote for whoever gets the Dem nomination because that’s the kind of Dem I am. Chris Dodd is looking good-ish these days. I’m sick of Southerners, let’s have a nice, hard-headed Yankee prez for a change.

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