Botox Nation

“I would like to believe that we are beyond sexism: that women do,in fact, get judged and treated exactly the way men do. But, it doesn’t happen. One of the ways this really hits me is how women are punished for ‘emoting’ in the workplace.

“I have a friend who is a psychiatrist. While she was in her residency, she had a real asshole as her chief resident. She is a very, very bright woman (with a Ph.D in Philosophy, specializing in Philosophy of Science and a MD). She is also likely to speak up when she finds reasoning or practices to be flawed. Because she had been dressed down multiple times when she expressed her reservations or criticisms, she held her tongue, yet her face showed what she was feeling. Her boss starting criticizing her display of ‘affect,’ which he said was not professional for a training psychiatrist. So, to deal with this situation, she did something quite interesting: she got botox so that she literally couldn’t show what she was feeling.”
Why Does a Reformed Republican Chick Need Prozac?, Mad Melancholic Feminista, July 21, 2005 (via Feminism 101)

It. Could. Work!

Couldn’t hurt. Most men either don’t care what a woman is thinking (and saying) or get it wrong, so we might as well save a little collagen and grief. Emoting in the workplace, for God’s sake.

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