Life kind of does begin at forty

Or so they tells me:

“Actually, the older woman carries just as heavy a load after 40/50/60 as she does when she is 20, her ‘load’ changes slightly. Would I have used the word necessity in that sentence? No. Perhaps I might have used the word ‘benefit.'”
Evolution Depends on Crones Crone Speaks, October 17, 2007

I think the benefit of being in my late forties is that I’m so much smarter than I was in my twenties, it’s all just so much easier to deal with. So, the load is probably just as heavy, I’m just managing it better. Being invisible is a mixed blessing though.

And then there’s Joe Bob:

“I’ve been thinking about this because of a recent New York Times report on an international conference of anthropologists and ethnographers who are puzzled by recent research showing that families with a resident maternal grandmother are healthier than families without one, even if everything else about the family is normal. In some societies, the survival of the family–actual life and death–is more often preserved by the presence of a grandmother than by, for example, a mere father.”
The Grandma Mafia, Joe Bob’s America, November 8, 2002

Ah, Joe Bob. Only you could write the words “mere father” with such aplomb.

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