Is that a new look for Tigra?

I’ve been busy with other things so I’m late to the Tigra assault and JLA chamber of horrors pages party.

But, then again, I was trying not to notice them. Snuff and porn comics will always be with us, but usually as a micro-niche market. So what I want to know is who’s buying this stuff and why aren’t they getting the kind of help they need? JLA bondage, meh, okay; nobody seems to be bleeding. They all look kind of dead, so the necrophilia content ups the revulsion level.

But a woman beaten senseless on camera? What kind of sick pleasure is there in that? I’m not a boxing fan, but I can appreciate that there are rules to make it a more or less even match. But breaking into a woman’s apartment, (which is a real fear for many women as well as men in real life [and, no, I don’t want to know the backstory, I don’t care about the backstory]) superheroine or not, taking her by surprise and beating the shit out of her for the enjoyment of other men? I just don’t have any words for that except, please get some help.

And DC is making money off these images, well, that’s commerce for ya. No one is forcing anyone to buy this stuff. As for me, I will be dropping all Marvel and DC titles except Jonah Hex and All-Star Batman and Robin. I know those titles aren’t exactly Sunday school lessons, but I have Jonah Hex issues to work out and ASBAR makes me laugh.* Otherwise I’m just tired of giving my money to two male-dominated corporations that hate me. My comic shop will have to make up the dough they’re losing on me in doll, sorry, action figure sales.

(Images via Journalista October 16 and 22, 2007. Thanks, Dirk…I think.)

*Why does everyone hate ASBAR? For me, whose very first exposure as an innocent child to Batman was the TV show, ASBAR is like the Star Trek Original Series Mirror Universe version of that show. I expect a bearded Spock and Uhura’s midriff any page now. This being the case, ASBAR hits me on levels I’m just beginning to understand. Too bad they didn’t have Black Canary in the TV show. Any suggestions on which 60s blond bombshell the producers could have gotten for her? I vote for Mamie Van Doren.

Update October 26, 2007: Laura Hudson weighs in on the subject. Well said, Laura.

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