Naomi Wolf’s The End of America” Chapter 9: “Restrict the Press” excerpt

”If you have not heard much about these two cases, it may be because CBS and AP management, understandably, do not want to jeopardize their imprisoned staff further.

“But image what it means today to be the head of CBS News or AP—and know that you can’t get one of your reporters a fair trail, let alone get him or her out of jail. Yes, all this happened in a country far away. But do these arrests have no ripple effect in our own nation? Does that act of state terror not send a message to the community of journalists here at home—even if just in the form of information gossip? And if one were a reporter ofr such and organization, would one not be hesitant—if only unconsciously—to write something that might enrage the administration and jeopardize ones’ colleague further?

“In a closing society, reporters start to get hurt more directly.” (pg 120)

“Blogging has to lead the way, because this is the access pint for citizen journalism. But bloggers must take their impact far more seriously, becoming warriors for truth and accountability: Citizens have to start to produce reliable samizdat. Opinion is important, but opinion alone is oitally inadequate when the ground of truth itself is under assault. Bloggers must become rigorous and fearless documentarians and reporters—not just to critique the news, but also to generate the news. Citizens in every venue must now apply to their work the accuracy and accountability that news editors have traditionally expected of their writers and researchers. The locus of the power of truth must be identified no in major news outlets but in you. You—not ‘they’—must take responsibility for educating your fellow citizens.” (pg 131)

Chapter 9: Restrict the Press, The End of America, by Naomi Wolf, Chelsea Green, 2007, ISBN 978-1-933392-79-0

Spiel redux: Everyone should buy 2 copies and give one away. Give one to someone you love or just think needs a wake up call. It’s been adding up over the years, I hadn’t realized, but Naomi Wolf lays it all out for us.

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