Women are human, too

“Like many people, I do end up killing some time reading websites such as Girl-Wonder and When Fangirls Attack. Mostly for the morbid curiosity value. Occasionally for the accidental humor caused by the postings or the reactions to the postings and so on and so forth. Very little of what I’ve read has ultimately changed my mind or made me feel a sense of solidarity with my fellow female humans in their struggles against The Man. To me, a black man born after the Civil Rights movement, you would figure I’d want to be on their side, to support their struggle.

“Yet nothing could have been further from the truth.

“Why was that?

“I mean, I’m not a feminist. That’s for sure.

“But I am a humanist.

“Shouldn’t I have wanted my fellow human beings of a different gender to be better represented, to have their share of wish fulfillment power fantasies on display? If for nothing else than for the fact a comics industry that’s more female friendly just might be more multiculturally friendly. So it would have been in my own best interests to be concerned with the various issues as they arose and were dealt with or not.

“Yet and still, nothing.

“That perplexed me.

“Until I read the opening section of Dale Carnegie’s book and the light went on in my head as to why I wasn’t moved by anything the fangirls were saying.”
Why It Fails When Fangirls Attack, Vincent Moore, Late September (I’m not seeing a date)

How can you be a humanist and not a feminist when one of the foundations of feminism is that women are human, too, therefore humanism would would, by default, include feminism, neh?

Too bad his blog doesn’t have comments. He’d probably get some interesting discussion on this.

I like the kitsch aspects of Dale Carnegie. I read “How to win…” when I was having problems working with old corporate guys and it actually helped a lot. One of my favorite bits is “Nobody ever kicks a dead dog.” I wonder if Vincent reads Catherine Ponder and Napoleon Hill, too.

I have comments on this blog, but due to horrendous comment spam recently, comments are only open of the most recent 7 days of posts, sorry if you fall by and want to comment after that.

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  1. Jamie Jeans says:

    I read his article and started skimming over the rest of it when he went on about how it fails when fangirls attack. A humanist but not a feminist? Wow, I really don’t get that, although it does make sense why he has no comment section. He probably would receive a number of arguments to counter his.

    Also, his style of arguing is very reminiscent of other people that When Fangirls Attack have linked to, whose style it is to talk down to people and to just keep talking, as though th deluge of words and logic is enough to drown counter-arguments in it.

    He must also be acting from, at least, male privilege, although it surprised me to learn that he was black. I, a white male, could point out several examples over history where change was made because people who were oppressed and/or kicked around got very angry and stood up for themselves.

    For example:

    American Revolution? Got mad, stood up, kicked off British Rule.

    Civil War? People got mad, kicked off slavery, united the whole country.

    World War 2? People stoof up, and took down Hitler and his insane fascism.

    Rosa Parks? She would not sit in the back of the bus, and it turned out to be one of the kicking off points for the Civil Rights Movement.

    Apartheid in South Africa? The majourity of the population, all black people, got a hellavu pissed off and stood up, backed by the rest of the world, except for countries such as Britain, and got rid of it.

    So yeah, sitting down, not doing anything? Does nothing.

    I would write more, but I have an electrical program to go to, where one of the students is a woman, who probably would not be there if women before her hadn’t gotten pissed off and stood up, told people off, and made the government recognized them as people in the eyes of the law.

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