Park(ing) Day LA

“Over 40 street parking spaces – from Van Nuys to Long Beach, Westwood to Pasadena – will be converted into temporary parkspaces on Friday as part of Park(ing) Day L.A., an event described as a “grassroots effort reclaiming public space in our streets.” Numerous operatives of the Militant informed him that the purpose of the event, which started a couple years ago in Frisco, was to create a dialogue on the use of urban public space, being that more space in our cities have been devoted to automobiles than to people. The Militant was so sold on this when he first heard about it from community-minded operatives that he attended some meetings held in very secret Militant-style quarters to gain more information and insight on this event. The Militant has been quite active in the creation of an unspecified number of these 42+ parks and has been devoting some of his time recently to some Militant-style strategic confabs regarding this very Militant operation.”
Doin’ it in the Park, LA Militant, September 21, 2007

Isn’t that cool! The LA Militant sure gets around.

Here’s the Park(ing) Day LA website. And here’s a map of the events in LA. Hm, nothing in my neighborhood, too bad, we could use a few more parks in Lincoln Heights, even temporary ones.

Update: Apparently this is International Park(ing) Day. Yay! Who knew?

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