UC Irvine Chancellor Drake sees the light

“UC Irvine Chancellor Michael V. Drake and Erwin Chemerinsky have reached an agreement that will return the liberal legal scholar to the dean’s post at the university’s new law school, the university announced this morning.”


“Drake’s decision to dump Chemerinsky last week set off a national debate about academic freedom and sparked a revolt by faculty at UCI against Drake.

“Chemerinsky contended last week that Drake succumbed to political pressure from conservatives and sacked him because of his outspoken liberal positions. The flap threatened to derail the 2009 opening of the law school and prompted some calls for Drake’s resignation.”


“On Friday, details emerged about the criticism of Chemerinsky that the university received in the days before Drake rescinded the job offer, including from California Chief Justice Ronald M. George, who criticized Chemerinsky’s grasp of death penalty appeals. Also, a group of prominent Orange County Republicans and Los Angeles County Supervisor Mike Antonovich wanted to derail the appointment.

“Drake has insisted that Chemerinsky didn’t lose the dean’s position because of his politics, saying that it was only because he expressed himself in a polarizing way.”
Chemerinsky is back as UC Irvine dean, by Garrett Therolf, Los Angeles Times, September 17, 2007 (via Calitics)

…expressed himself in a polarizing way.

…wha? Well, anyway, hooray for the UCI faculty for not rolling over. Let’s call this a win for our side.

But what’s Mike Antonovich doing in UCI’s business? Hmmm.

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