UC Irvine’s Chancellor should be ashamed of himself

Super Update! 17 September 2007: Dr. Chemerinsky WILL BE at UC Irvine!!! Yay!

“Just a week after announcing that the position had been offered to Erwin Chemerinsky, who then accepted the offer and planned to return to California after a 4 year hiatus at Duke University Law School, the Chancellor of UC Irvine, Michael V. Drake, rescinded the offer. This questionable act sets academic freedom and integrity back into the Bush era. Professor Chemerinsky is a great legal scholar, an academic expert who the L.A. Times says stands out not for his liberalism, but for ‘the intellectual rigor of his analysis and the effectiveness of his argument.’ For more on this excellent editorial, click here

“Apparently he is too controversial and too independent for the Chancellor’s liking. What? You’ve landed one of the best constitutional scholars of our day, an expert in an area of the law which is fast disappearing into hysterical oblivion, and you decide he’s “not the right fit for the University”? That, of course, begs the question: What is the right fit for this University? Is it the embarassing controversies that have befallen the institution and in particular, its ethically challenged medical research facilities, that have plagued the school for over a decade? Is it the inadequate way UC Irvine handled the Muslim/Jewish furor this past spring? Or is it the school’s mediocre standing in the ranks of the University of California? Whatever the case, here comes an enormously well-respected legal scholar–by conservative and liberal scholars alike–to bring excellence to the school and he’s unceremoniously dumped because the Chancellor suddenly decides he’s too liberal? What has happened to academic freedom? When did it become wrong to express one’s beliefs and opinions—especially in defense of the constitution of this country? What happened to the pursuit of excellence in America-whether academia, politics or any other field of endeavor?”
Cowardice and Fear of Honest Debate at UC Irvine, Calitics, September 13, 2007

Well, that’s Irvine in Reddest of Red Orange County, but I’m still angry about this. The Regents of the University of California right this wrong? Do they have the right and the guts?

And nothing against Dr. Chemerinsky, but why in God’s name does California need another law school? We already have four lawyers for every human in the State.

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  1. janinsanfran says:

    This is really upsetting. UC pays administrators huge bonuses while raising tuition and has John Yoo at Boalt Hall law school at Cal, but they buckle to pressure and cancel the contract of a liberal scholar? Really ugly and shameful behavior.

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