Regarding September 11. Eric has the list:

“September 11, 2007: “How I Spent the Last Six Years,” A brief list that might easily have been written by George W. Bush.

“Regarding the attacks:

* Ignored persistent warnings of an imminent terrorist attack.
* Continued reading The Pet Goat …
* Went up in Air Force One after having been informed it was a likely target.
* Spent the day in a panicky runaround, leaving it to others to reassure and inform a shocked nation.
* Later sold photographs of self on same day for purposes of Republican fundraising.”
Six years on…, Altercation, September 11, 2007 (and there’s much more when you click the link)

…and then bush was “re-elected.” Historians will wonder what we were smoking for eight years.*

*Yeah yeah yeah, I know he stole Florida and Ohio, but in 200 years the question won’t be how did it happen, it will be why did we let it happen.

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