House buying in So Cal

“The housing data for 6 counties are examined in the article.
“In San Diego County the median price fell 4% to $475,000 and sales fell 19.4%.
“In Ventura County the median price fell 4.2% to $575,000 while sales fell 31.2%.
“In Riverside County the median price fell 6.1% to $394,523 and sales dropped 46.4%.
“In San Bernardino County, the median price fell 1.6% to $360,000 while sales fell by 47.2%.”


“In Los Angeles County, on the other hand, the median price rose nearly 6% to $550,000, despite sales drops of over 30%.
“And in Orange County, prices rose nearly 2% to $642,250, also with a drop in sales of over 30%.”
Housing bubble deflating, Calitics, September 12, 2007

Just not deflating where I want to buy. Meh, maybe in 2008.

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