Truckers save local woman and children from road enraged manic!

“He had a determined, mean look on his face, and I knew immediately he didn’t have anything playful in mind. I told my daughters that he was not really a friendly man, and that he was trying to do something mean. I told them not to look at him anymore, and I tried to speed up, but my 4-cylinder van was no match for his 8-cylinder truck. I changed lanes, and each time he matched my lane change. He was weaving across 3 lanes in his attempt to catch my daughters’ sight, and I was getting pretty scared. Finally, I decided to move towards the exit lane and slow down quickly, hoping not to get rear-ended by another driver. My plan was to get behind him and stay there until I could escape. When I moved to the right lane, I slowed and two huge semi-trailer trucks swarmed up and blocked this maniac’s access to us. One truck moved in front of me, and the other truck stayed right by my left side. They stayed with me until I got to my exit, and the pick-up truck driver couldn’t see or reach me. I was so rattled that I didn’t think to honk or wave my hands to thank my two ‘knights in shining armor’. They’d evidently been watching the whole thing, and waited for me to finally make a move that they could use to rescue us. Ever since then, I have had so much gratitude and respect for the people who drive those giant trucks.”
Truckers come to the rescue!, Bottleneck Blog, September 7, 2007

Yay! I’m always impressed that truckers don’t just crush us all in our tiny cars, that’s what I’m always impressed by. Nah. Truckers are okay. It’s not their fault they have to drive the 5 freeway with the rest of us ninnyhammers.

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