Web 2.0 What Went Wrong?

“Is it feasible to live ethical, meaningful lives in the context of the Social Web today? This course formulates a critique of the Social Web. Based on the rapid growth of participation in social life online and in mobile space– from social news, referral, social search, media sharing, social bookmarking, tagging, virtual worlds and social networked games, social mapping, IM, social networking, blogging and dating, this class formulates a critical analysis of the international Social Web with regard to privacy, intellectual property, and the utilization of social creation of value through the lens of a small number of case studies in the areas of education, political activism, and art. The course starts with a history of computer-facilitated networked sociality. We’ll discuss the preconditions, motivations, and typologies of participation in order to then start to debunk the Web 2.0 ideology. The course concludes with an examination of the future of the Internet (mobile social space, net neutrality, and the changed nature of the digital divide) in order to then locate fields of possibility for social change.

“Key theoretical texts that we’ll study include Yochai Benkler’s Wealth of Networks, Henry Jenkins’ Convergence Culture, Trebor Scholz’ What the MySpace generation should know about working for free, Jurgen Habermas on the Internet and the public sphere, Fred Turner’s Where the Counterculture Met the New Economy, Jeff Jarvis’ ‘Who owns the wisdom of the crowd? The crowd.,’ Nicholas Carr’s ‘Sharecropping the long tail,’ Michael Hardt’s ‘Affective labor,’ Olga Goriunova’s ‘From Art on Networks to Art on Platforms’ and Adam Arvidsson’s ‘The Crisis of Value and the Ethical Economy.'”
The Social Web (via Wood S. Lot)

Wrong? What could be wrong?

If you have Quick Time installed, I swear this professor, Dr. Scholz, sounds like a mellow Dr. Strangelove.

I wish I could take this course.

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