Bizarre SUV and Patrol car driving-induced psychosis in Bev Hills

“Two weeks ago today, a motorist on Wilshire Boulevard came to an intersection and found herself behind somebody who was preparing to turn left. Under normal conditions this would mean slowing down and waiting but since it was a cyclist, the motorist accelerated and screamed ‘Get out of the road!’ The incident escalated and resulted in the arrival of Beverly Hills Police Officer Prenesti who greeted the cyclist by yelling ‘You idiot!’

“It’s clear that motorists are 1st Class citizens in Beverly Hills and that pedestrians and cyclists are not only 2nd Class but must travel at their own risk, unsupported and unprotected by those charged with providing for the safety and quality of life of the community.

“This harsh charge is backed up by the fact that Beverly Hills holds the dubious distinction of being #1 in the State of California for pedestrian deaths for a city of its size.”
Beverly Hills SUV Driver Attacks Bicyclist, Only Bicyclist Gets A Ticket, LAist, September 4, 2007.

UCLA grad student stands up for self. I salute you, pal.

What the hell is wrong with Beverly Hills? This is why I don’t like to go west of La Brea. It’s scary and dangerous over there. By the way, Bev Hills is its own city and has its own police force, so this is not LAPD. LAPD has an incredibly cool bike patrol. You want to see happy cops, they’re the ones on bikes, talking to people, acting normal, yes, and happy, like I said. It’s wonderful.

The Bicycle Utopia is at hand!

However, NOT in Bev Hills.

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