The Sea Organ and other cool musical instruments

Hmmm, does this really count as a musical instrument or is it more of an aleatoric operator? It’s tonal, but random. I wonder, but it’s very cool.

“Bored of the tinny sounds your little piano or guitar makes? In the mood for something as big and mysterious as the ocean itself? Come to Zadar, Croatia, and listen to ‘The Sea Organ.’ Giant 70 meters long instrument has 35 pipes and resonating underwater cavity – they interact with tides and wind to produce the deep, entirely natural sounds.” (Sea Organ music, from this page)

Unusual Musical Instruments
, Dark Roasted Blends, September 4, 2007 (more astonishing musical instruments here [lovely pianos!], and the website is amazing overall)

We should have stuff like this in LA. All we have is The Triforium at City Hall. Big thank yous to K. Mas-Gallegos (who confirmed that I did not hallucinate it), City Hall (Veronica!) and Cultural Affairs (Tanya! and Tim McGowan) for tracking it down for me. Of course there’s a Wikipedia page for it if you know the name.

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