Bill Clinton was so cool, I’m getting frostbite just writing this post

“Dick Armey, the House Republican majority leader when Bush took office (and no more a shrinking violet than DeLay), told me a story that captures the exquisite pettiness of most members of Congress and the arrogance that made Bush and Rove so inept at handling them. ‘For all the years he was president,’ Armey told me, ‘Bill Clinton and I had a little thing we’d do where every time I went to the White House, I would take the little name tag they give you and pass it to the president, who, without saying a word, would sign and date it. Bill Clinton and I didn’t like each other. He said I was his least-favorite member of Congress. But he knew that when I left his office, the first schoolkid I came across would be given that card, and some kid who had come to Washington with his mama would go home with the president’s autograph. I think Clinton thought it was a nice thing to do for some kid, and he was happy to do it.’ Armey said that when he went to his first meeting in the White House with President Bush, he explained the tradition with Clinton and asked the president if he would care to continue it. ‘Bush refused to sign the card. Rove, who was sitting across the table, said, ‘It would probably wind up on eBay,’’ Armey continued. ‘Do I give a damn? No. But can you imagine refusing a simple request like that with an insult? It’s stupid. From the point of view of your own self-interest, it’s stupid. I was from Texas, and I was the majority leader. If my expectations of civility and collegiality were disappointed, what do you think it was like for the rest of the congressmen they dealt with? The Bush White House was tone-deaf to the normal courtesies of the office.'”
The Rove Presidency, by Joshua Green, The Atlantic Online, August 14, 2007

I’d rather have a beer with Bill Clinton.

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  2. Nostalgia. I brought my teen son with me to Bill’s book signing in D.C.
    His charisma is so intense I felt this aura of love in the room.
    One could cut it with a knife. I heard him speaking to a few of the handicapped ahead of me. Always a nice thing to say.

    The guy is a centrist, married to Hill’; he’s a genius.

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