Whale herding

“After watching a young gray whale spend most of the day feeding in the channel of the Santa Cruz Small Craft Harbor, Leo Morelli, who owns a sport fishing business in the harbor, jumped on his jet ski and shepherded the whale out to sea late Tuesday night.

“The whale, which some believe was lost from its mother, was a big attraction among tourists and locals. Hundreds of them had been snapping pictures of it all day and getting what amounted to a free whale-watching tour on the rocks that line the channel.

“But under the cover of darkness and for the sake of what he thought was the whale’s well-being, Morelli rode his jet ski back and forth just enough to force the whale to swim out into the bay. For about 15 minutes, a game of jet ski and whale played out in the channel — with water being sprayed intermittently from both jet ski and blowhole.”
They’re calling him ‘The Whale Whisperer’, by Tom Ragan, Santa Cruz Sentinel staff writer (via KSJ Tracker)

Ah, Santa Cruz…

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