The LA Collage Show!

I’m in a collage show at the Acorn Annex in Highland Park. The work actually has Los Angeles-ness in it. This is from the introduction to the book that goes with the show:

“Mayerson reads the city differently. In ‘Traveling Light 2,’ a time exposure night photograph of downtown Los Angeles turns the cars on the freeway into streaks of light in contrast to the office buildings whose lit windows form a black and white checkerboard. In the foreground a steer crosses the light streaked freeway. Standing on its back, a small Asian boy dressed in a ceremonial Japanese kimono so barely touches the steer as to almost float above it. The steer is plodding and tired while the boy is youthful, but serious. Thus, the powerful city of Los Angeles is pictured by Mayerson as the intersection of East and West.”
From the introduction to LA Collage, by Suzanne Siegel, 2007

Here’s the scoop on the show and opening reception:

Opening reception August 11, 2007, 7-10 PM
Exhibition runs from August 6-20, 2002
Acorn Annex
135 N Avenue 50 (between Figueroa and Monte Vista, at the Metro tracks)
Los Angeles, CA 90042
Gallery hours: Saturday and Sunday, 12-4 PM
For other hours, directions and information, please call: 323-258-1435

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  1. Seth A. says:

    I wish I could go – the artwork looks intriguing. My cousin does live in LA – I forwarded her the La Collage link.

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