20 seconds over Arlington

“Some poor kid took a short camera clip of the Transformers movie, and was promptly hauled out and arrested. The theater (Regal Cinemas Ballston Common 12, in Arlington, Virginia) is pressing charges that could land this 19yo in prison for a year for the 20-second film clip. She recorded the clip to show her little brother, because she thought it would get him excited to go see the movie, too.”


“If you have any thoughts about the ludicrous nature of this prosecution, feel free to share them with the theater at (703) 527-9730; Regal Cinemas at 877-TELLREGAL (1-877-835-5734); or the Arlington, VA, Office of the Commonwealth’s Attorney at (703) 228-4410.”
Arrested for 20-second video recording, Laura Quilter, Sivacracy, August 2, 2007

Copyright Avengers go psycho! I say boycott the whole damn chain of cinemas until they drop the charges.

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