Lepidoptera. It’s a moth.

“WEST JEFFERSON, Ohio — The moths of Madison County are a testament to a fairly healthy ecosystem.

“‘There are a lot of different kinds of trees and shrubs — a lot of different food plants for caterpillars and moths,’ said Dave Horn, an entomology professor at Ohio State University and a moth expert.

“Horn has joined a growing number of professional and amateur lepidopterists to visit what is becoming a moth mecca at a McDonald’s restaurant on E. Main Street.

“The large lights in the parking lot draw many species after sundown.

“The moth watchers said you don’t have to see the moths to know they’ve been to McDonald’s. In the morning, parts of the lot are littered with wings. (Bats spit them out.)”
Bright lights, big moths. Marriage of forest, creek and lamps draws giant lepidoptera (and scientists) to McDonald’s in Madison County, by Kevin Mayhood,
Tuesday, July 24, 2007 3:42 AM, THE COLUMBUS DISPATCH

Ah, the Nature.

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