Wait… wasn’t I supposed to worry about killer bees?

“It sounds like something out of a monster movie.

“A mysterious sea creature, up to 7 feet long, weighing up to 100 pounds. It hunts in packs of hundreds, flying through the water at 25 mph, changing color.

“With a parrot-like beak and arms covered with thousands of sharp barbs, it attacks and tries to eat nearly anything it sees, including fish, scuba divers, even its own kind.

“But it’s not a creature of Hollywood. It’s real. And it’s reached the Monterey Bay. The Humboldt squid, also known as the giant squid or jumbo squid, traditionally has lived in warm waters off South America and Mexico, where fishermen call it “diablo rojo,” or “red devil.”

“For reasons that still aren’t entirely clear, large numbers of the scrappy cephalopods have been steadily expanding their range north, first off San Diego and Los Angeles, where hundreds have washed up on beaches in recent years.”
Giant squid, pugnacious and hungry, invade Monterey Bay, by Paul Rogers, Mercury News, Article Launched: 07/23/2007 02:40:55 PM PDT (via KSJ Science Tracker that I’m totally hooked on.)

Oh. My. God! These men should be ashame- Oh wait, those are squids… sorry.

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