Yup, Universal Healthcare before we all become short people

“A recurrent story in recent years concerns the declining heights of Americans. US citizens are not only getting, on average, shorter than a generation ago, but many other nations have gone by. Japan has nearly closed the gap. Immigration and a changing mix of ancestries in the US seems not to explain it. Fast food rich in fat and protein but short on many nutrients is among suspects. Now AP’s Matt Crenson has done the story too, but with a fresh, politically-charged twist. His primary source speculates that one reason other countries, in Europe particularly, are doing better in cranial altitude is that they have better social safety nets including universal health care coverage.”
AP: Another reason Americans are coming up short – bad health-care system, KSJ Tracker, July 16, 2007

Yup, Universal Heathcare now or we can kiss the height race goodbye.

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