C’mon, Ahnold, do the right thing

“State Rep. Mark Leno’s bill, AB 43, that would effectively permit marriages between two consenting adults, has passed the state Senate and now awaits the governor’s signature.

“The LA Times had a terrific front page story in Monday’s edition that described a gay couple, one American and one Australian, denied the opportunity to obtain a Green Card for the Australian Partner. This is one of the thousand or so differences between civil unions and marriage.

“I’ve said all along; allowing people to marry those they love is a fundamental human right. And no matter what Chuck DeVore says, there is no groundswell of fathers seeking to marry daughters or mothers marrying sons all to avoid the estate tax. I’m hoping the governor does the right thing and signs the bill into law.”
AB 43 passes the State Senate, Liberal OC, July 17, 2007

C’mon, Arnold, sign it. You’ll make some good history if you sign it. You vetoed another version of it a couple of years ago, that should be enough for your right-wing fundie nut supporters, I mean, your more socially conservative followers, um, fanatical types, y’know, people who vote for Tom McClintock or whatever his name is and the Prop 22 (outlawing something that isn’t even legal, i.e., gay marriage) loonies. As Liberal OC posts: The Sky Is Not Falling.

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