“Dudes won’t support feminism unless there’s something in it for them.”

“My advocacy for women’s entitlement to domination-free lives may sometimes look good on paper to liberal ‘feminist’ dudes, but they loudly demur when it comes time for them to acknowledge that they oppress women whether they like it or not, by virtue of their participation — whether it is a voluntary participation matters not a whit — in male dominant culture. When I explain why their position is untenable, that oppression is experienced by the oppressed as hate, it is interpreted as my crossing the boundaries of feminine propriety. This makes’em mad. And they get mean, e.g. ‘I don’t hate women, you stupid bitch!’

“These glittering examples of Western manhood appear not to grasp the irony of responding with hate to a men-hate-you argument. The justification for their subsequent personal attacks (one fellow human recently expressed his happy anticipation of my rapidly impending obituary) seems to be that I am just not obsequious enough. Insufficient obsequiosity apparently invalidates any argument made by a feminist, however shimmeringly astute it may otherwise be. As a cause, the fight against the oppression of half the human population is only supportable if it is presented with a solicitous head-tilt, a pert giggle, and an invitation to fuck you in the ass.”
Anal is the new ‘third base’, Twisty, July 15, 2007

Most dudes don’t seem to realize, or are too busy happily watching women get fucked over, that the customs dominant social group (aka, the patriarchy) is deforming them, too. The ones who suspect this and know there’s a better way to live, run for the hills (whether literally or metaphorically) as soon as they can because they also can see it’s a fight they don’t have the stomach to lose. The DSG terrorizes and kills whoever opposes it, gender notwithstanding. That’s why feminism is taking so long; each generation can only chip away at it. Much as I’d love a revolution, we’ll probably only get gay marriage and a woman president in my lifetime. And sorry, revolutionary sisters, but I’d trade both of those for universal healthcare, a strong clerical/service sector union, and accountable government. I’m funny that way.

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